Brazil: Democracy on the Brink – A conversation with Bruno Bimbi

Chair: Moritz Krawinkel, Latin America consultant at medico international

Fri. 4th of October, 8 p.m., 2. OG Kopfbau

Homophobia, racism, the glorification of torture and dictatorship. The list of Jair Bolsonaro’s ignominious traits could be continued. Brazil’s current president has struck a chord with the country’s white middle-class and elite, who feared that their privileges would be threatened by the “progressive” governments of Lula and Dilma. Bolsonaro’s misanthropic and misogynistic views have no place in Brazil. The police violence in the favelas has reached shocking new heights, as have attacks on indigenous peoples in the Amazon and on landless farmworkers. Brazil already held the record for the most murders of transsexuals.

Bruno Bimbi is a journalist, linguist, LGBT activist and the author of “Matrimonio igualitario” and “El fin del armario”. For eight years, he was political advisor to Jean Wyllys, the first openly gay member of Brazil’s parliament, and was also a correspondent for Argentina’s biggest news channel. When Wylls stepped down and left Brazil at the beginning of 2019 after receiving death threats, Bruno Bimbi also went into exile. He now lives in Barcelona, writing for The New York Times and other publications.