Giant is Falling, The

Giant Is Falling

Giant is Falling, The

DIRECTOR(S): Rehad Desai   COUNTRY: South Africa   YEAR: 2016   LANGUAGES: English, Xhosa   SUBTITLES: English   RUNNING TIME: 77 min  

Thursday, 28.09., 5:15 p.m., kommkino
Tuesday, 03.10., 12:00 a.m., kinoeins

SECTION: Internationales Forum

The loyalty people have for the party of liberation operates at a deep psychological level. But in recent years, the ANC’s popularity is at an all time low, not least amongst people who were once its most loyal supporters. The nation’s sense of unease is only made worse by the high profile corruption cases surrounding President Jacob Zuma and his friends, and compounded by patronage and the ANC’s unwillingness to cut him loose. Now that a new political party has entered the ring, the Economic Freedom Fighters, and the ANC finds itself challenged by the energetic young ‘Fighters’.
THE GIANT IS FALLING takes a sweeping look at the big political events of recent years that signify the end of an era in South Africa. With declining popularity at the polls and the real possibility of losing the comfortable majority the party has enjoyed for two decades, the big debate in South Africa is whether or not the party can recover its reputation as the most respected liberation movement in the world?
Locating the moment when things fell apart as the Marikana Massacre, the film charts the various ways people have collectively responded to the ANC’s failure to deliver on its promises. Bookmarked by the 2016 Local Elections, THE GIANT IS FALLING asks why South Africa, a middle-income country, rich in mineral wealth has failed to address inequality in twenty-two years of democracy and why the gap between rich and poor is growing. From the break with the trade unions, to the #FeesMustFall student movement, to the more recent crushing electoral losses at the polls for the ANC, this film provides an unflinching look at the festering sore of inequality that is making the current situation untenable. The question is when the status quo breaks, what will replace it?

Rehad Desai is a Producer, Director and CEO of Uhuru Productions. Following his return from exile in the UK, Desai worked as a trade union organiser, a health and safety/media officer for a chemical workers union and a Director of a HIV prevention NGO. Desai entered the TV and film industry as a current affairs journalist, and soon after moved on to focus much of his energy on historical and socio-political documentary film. He has produced over 20 documentaries, many directed by himself that have been broadcast internationally, accepted into numerous festivals and been received with critical acclaim. His highly acclaimed film Miners Shot Down (NIHRFF 2015) is the winner of over 25 international awards including the International EMMY for documentary (2015).


SCRIPT: Anita Khanna, Rehad Desai   PRODUCER: Anita Khanna, Zivia Desai Keiper, Rehad Desai, Brian Tilley   CAMERA: Nicolaas Hofmeyr   EDITOR: Henion Han, Arya Lalloo, Tamsyn Reynolds, Megan Gill   MUSIC: Philip Miller, Yannus Akuma   CAST:


PRODUCTION: Uhuru Productions   WORLD SALES: Ina Rossow, Deckert Distribution   GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: