Hidden Away

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A escondidas

DIRECTOR(S): Mikel Rueda   COUNTRY: Spain   YEAR: 2014   LANGUAGES: Spanish, Arabic   SUBTITLES: English   RUNNING TIME: 88 min  

Friday, Oct 2, 21.15h, Kommkino, Q&A with Mikel Rueda
Sunday, Oct 4, 21.15h, Filmhauskino, Q&A with Mikel Rueda

SECTION: Competition

Ibrahim is 14. He is from Morocco and has just found out that he will be deported from Spain in two days. He’s a loner and doesn’t have any real friends, until he meets Rafa, who has just escaped the confusing advances of a girl in a club. The friendship soon develops into something deeper, but Ibrahim has the authorities breathing down his neck…

Mikel Rueda has succeeded in making a wonderful film that uses magical imagery to capture the transition from childhood to adulthood. There are tussles, playing, jokes and adventures to discover the world anew. The body changes, wants to share, to try everything. It’s about living the moment in which everything seems so much more intensive: Friendship, love, frustration. The enchanting world of puberty and pure experience meets the hard reality of a life without papers. Rueda depicts this feeling of being lost with the plot’s fragmentation which blurs past and present.

HIDDEN AWAY is Mikel Rueda’s feature-length directorial debut. After completing his studies in audio-visual communication, he worked as a TV producer for four years on the show Vaya Semanita. After receiving a grant from the Diputación of Vizcaya, he decided to continue his studies at the New York Film Academy, where he shot the short film PRESENT PERFECT which won awards at over 25 international festivals. Afterwards, he was able to co-direct his first feature: STARS THAT WISH UPON which was selected by the San Sebastian Film Festival. Rueda then shot two more shorts and went to over 150 festivals with them. He is now working on his next feature film.


SCRIPT: Mikel Rueda   PRODUCER: Eduardo Barinaga, Karmelo Vivanco, Fernando Diez   CAMERA: Kenneth Oribe   EDITOR: Mikel Rueda, Alex Argoitia   MUSIC: Xabi Aguirre   CAST: German Alcarazu, Adil Koukouh, Joseba Ugalde, Moussa Echarif