I'm Okay

Alles Gut

Alles gut

DIRECTOR(S): Pia Lenz   COUNTRY: Germany   YEAR: 2016   LANGUAGES: Turkish, German, Arabic   SUBTITLES: German   RUNNING TIME: 95 min  


SECTION: Open Eyes

For eight-year-old Djaner, the first day of school in Hamburg is a revelation. The Roma boy from Macedonia, who has been accustomed to bullying and beatings in school, in his German class witnesses a joint birthday party and a friendly environment. On the other hand, 11-year-old Ghofrani from Syria still longs for her native country. She cannot assimilate into her new school, where the girls wear makeup and go swimming alongside the boys. But her confidence is gradually increasing. For Djaner, on the contrary, the situation becomes increasingly complicated as his family is living under the constant threat of deportation. The boy is unable to control his fits of rage and the other children are beginning to be afraid of him. For one year the camera sensitively follows the lives of both children and their families. A new start in a new country is not easy for any of them.

Pia Lenz was born in 1986 in Herne, Germany.She studied journalism at the University of Dortmund, Germany, and Columbia College, USA. She then moved on to a Masters degree at the Hamburg Media School. She worked as a freelancer for Spiegel Online and at NDR broadcaster where she also received further training. She now works as a journalist, author, and video journalist for the “Documentary and Reportage” and “Domestic Politics” departments at NDR.


SCRIPT: Pia Lenz   PRODUCER: Carsten Rau, Hauke Wendler   CAMERA: Pia Lenz, Henning Wirtz   EDITOR: Stephan Haase   MUSIC: The Notwist   CAST:


PRODUCTION: PIER 53 Filmproduktion   WORLD SALES: Rise And Shine World Sales   GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: Weronika Adamowska, Rise and Shine Cinema UG