Long Summer of Theory, The

Lange Sommer der Theorie, Der

DIRECTOR(S): Irene von Alberti   COUNTRY: Germany   YEAR: 2017   LANGUAGES: German   SUBTITLES: English   RUNNING TIME: 82 min  

Monday, 02.10., 8:00 p.m., kinoeins, Q&A with Irene von Alberti und Katja Weilandt
Tuesday, 03.10., 9:45 p.m., kinoeins

SECTION: Internationales Forum

Is this a documentary? A feature film? A hybrid? Irene von Alberty's film is intellectual but also pleasurable. It is about feminism, public space, gentrification, theory and practice. It deliberately goes in many directions and thus asks more questions than it answers.  
Berlin, summer 2016. Nola, Katja and Martina live in a shared house of artists behind the main train station. Their days there are numbered because a new district called Europacity is under development. Their job situation is also precarious Katja is an actress who struggles to find roles. She earns a living showing rentals to tourists. Martina is a photographer who is not interested in a certain curator's advances and prefers to express her pain shouting on stage with her band. Nola is making a film for which she has to interview sociologists, historians, theorist and people from the cultural sector. She wants to know how theory is applicable today. She wears a suit covered in sentences, walking past Berlin's construction sites, through a city that seems to have sold itself. 

Irene von Alberti, producer, director and author, war born in 1963 in Stuttgart, Germany. She studied at the University of Television and Film Munich and media technology at the university of applied sciences in Stuttgart (graduate engineer). During her studies she worked as camera assistant and cinematographer. She is one of the founders of FILMGALERIE 451, a production company and DVD label for arthouse movies.


SCRIPT: Irene von Alberti   PRODUCER: Frieder Schlaich   CAMERA: Jenny Lou Ziegel   EDITOR: Silke Botsch   MUSIC: Toni Kater   CAST: Julia Zange, Katja Weilandt, Martina Schöne-Radunski


PRODUCTION: Filmgalerie 451   WORLD SALES: Filmgalerie 451   GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: Filmgalerie 451