NIHRFF 10 closing concert with
Kasai Allstars!

The Kasai Allstars come to Nuremberg for their around-Félicité-Tour

on October 4, 2017 at 8 p.m. at Tafelhalle, KunstKulturQuartier

The Kasai Allstars combine traditional instruments, a whole bunch of percussions like buzz drums und xylophones, guitars and their famous kalimbas with DIY amplifiers. The charismatic voice of singer Muambuyi completes the remarkable and unique sound of this congelese supergroup. The band wrote and performed most of the soundtrack of Alain Gomis’ award winning film Félicité, and appears onscreen playing their own part. Félicité will also be part of our festival programme.

This remarkable and futuristic-sounding band from Congo breathtakingly re-imagines Rock’n’Roll form the ground up. The music burns with an energy, joy, beauty, strangeness and ingenuity that shows just how tragically jaded, self-referential and creatively bankrupt western rock music has become. (Fact)

Normal: 19 € / Ermäßigt: 12 €
VVK: 16 € (zzgl. VK-Gebühr) / VVK-ermäßigt: 10 € (zzgl. VK-Gebühr)

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