Stop the Boats

Stop The Boats

Stop the Boats

DIRECTOR(S): Nicolai Jung   COUNTRY: Germany   YEAR: 2017   LANGUAGES: Arabic, English   SUBTITLES: English   RUNNING TIME: 56 min  


Friday, 29.09., 7:00 p.m., Festsaal, follwed by a panel discussion at 2.OG Kopfbau with Nicolai Jung, Viraj Mendis und Theresa Leisgang. Moderation: Ramona Lenz (medico international)

SECTION: Internationales Forum

STOP THE BOATS tells the story of a fishing boat with 65 refugees – mainly Tamils from Sri Lanka – that was picked up by the Australian coastguard on its way to New Zealand. The refugees were forced back onto unseaworthy boats and eventually accommodated in a center. Representatives from the International Organization for Migration (IOM) visited them and even got some of them to agree to go back home.
After the screening, we will talk to the filmmaker Nicolai Jung, Viraj Mendis from IMRV Bremen and Bernd Theresa Leisgang from Sea-Watch about Australia's anti-refugee policies, which some European politicians see as a model. We will be looking at the parallels between what is happening off the Australian coast and the increasing criminalization of rescue missions in the Mediterranean. We will also be discussing the role of international organizations such as the IOM.
Moderation: Ramona Lenz (medico international).

Nicolai Jung was born in 1975 in Hamburg, Germany, He studied Political Science and Journalism. Today her works as a freelance journalist and filmmaker. He's part of Yardstick Films and produces documentary films. Stop the Boats is his directing debut.
Nicolai also has 20 years of experience in international human rights work. As a filmmaker he also is exploring instances where basic rights are being ignored. He wants to contribute with small and big stories to a constructive discourse around political and social issues.
Nicolai is currently working on a documentary on Tamil refugee women. The film explores how the therapeutic work with victims of political violence and military counterinsurgency risks depoliticising traumatic experiences.


SCRIPT:    PRODUCER: Nicolai Jung, Phil Miller   CAMERA: Nicolai Jung   EDITOR:    MUSIC: Santhors JP   CAST: