DIRECTOR(S): Pierre-Yves Dalka, Ekaterina Izmestyeva   COUNTRY: Russia, Germany   YEAR: 2017   LANGUAGES: German, Russian   SUBTITLES: English   RUNNING TIME: 29 min  


Sunday, 01.10., 3:00 p.m., kinoeins, Q&A with Pierre-Yves Dalka, Ekaterina Izmestyeva and Karolina Panferova

SECTION: Internationales Forum

Singing. Voice training. How do I become a man or a woman? The sound of our voices determines the perception of our gender. This makes it a daily obstacle for transgender individuals who are struggling to be accepted. VOICES portrays people in Moscow and Berlin who are speaking out – with voices that reflect who they are inside.


Pierre-Yves Dalka was born in 1988. He grew up in South Africa and studied cultural and comparative literary studies in Germany. He has been making fiction and documentary films from a young age on, with a special focus on social issues intertwined with individual biographies. Two important exmaples are his films Heimat, in which he discusses the situation of refugees in Germany and Bleib bei mir concerning the oppression of homosexual relationships.
Ekaterina Izmestyeva was born in 1987 in Moscow, Russia. She finished Ballet School, and graduated first from Moscow Pedagogical University (M. A. Philology) in 2010 and then from VGIK – Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (film studies). For the last three years she has been working as a film editor and camera operator for Russian media stations. Since 2011 she is involved in the Russian LGBTQI-movement as activist and documentary filmmaker. She now studies film at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg, Germany.


SCRIPT:    PRODUCER: Karolina Panferova   CAMERA: Ekaterina Izmestyeva, Pierre-Yves Dalka   EDITOR: Ekaterina Izmestyeva   MUSIC:    CAST:


PRODUCTION:    WORLD SALES: Rebecca Podlech, Pierre-Yves Dalka   GERMAN DISTRIBUTOR: